How To Order

The procedures to shop online for sex toys from Norwaypleasure are very easy. One can choose any of the following procedures to place an order.


Procedure 1: Ordering through Website

·         Visit

·         Choose a product you want to buy from your desired category

·         Once the product is chosen, click on Add to Cart

·         Once your shopping cart is updated, click on “Proceed to checkout”

·         Fill up the Personal Information page

·         Choose the payment method you want to pay

·         Your Order is placed


Procedure 2: Ordering through a Sales Executive on Call

·         Visit

·         Go to the left-bottom of the page and call on the Telephone number provided in that section

·         Talk to our Sales Executive and request for an order

·         Your details will be verified by the Sales Executive before placing the order

·         Once verified, your order will be placed