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Is there any legal issue in ordering adult toys from your store?

No. We do not conduct any illegal business for which there would be issues. Whatever procedure we follow in sending out orders are all legal. Most importantly, our online store is against any sort of fraudulent activities. Rather, we serve people all over Norway and even at Asian countries. For our customers, we stay extremely concerned and conduct things in a very legal way so that they face no complications in the long-run.

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If I share my email ID with your store, will it involve risks?

No. While initiating the process of taking orders, we require essential details of those who order. It is primarily for this reason that we require email addresses of customers. Furthermore, we send notifications and important updates regarding our orders or products when required. We keep all customer details intact and do not share with third parties at all. Since we know what it means to sustain a customer’s confidentiality, we stay absolutely legal while using one’s email Id.

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Do you have an authentic privacy policy?

The privacy policy we have for our store is absolutely authentic. Before making any sort of purchase at our store, we always advise our customers to read our privacy policy in detail. We always instruct our customers to read our privacy policy before making any sort of deals.

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