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How can I make payments at your store?

Paying at Norwaypleasure is very easy and involves no hassles. You can pay through PayPal, your debit card or credit card, whichever mode you find convenient to avail. In fact, you can be at any city in Norway and make your payment online.

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Is it possible to shop and pay from anywhere in Norway?

We accept payments from not only Norway but several European countries. Whether you are in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger or any other Norwegian city, we will take your payment request. While taking online payments, we consider cards of all banks. So, there is no hassle in making your payments through your preferred card from anywhere in Norway.

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How safe it is to pay online at Norwaypleasure?

There is nothing bigger than assuring safety to our customers shopping at Norwaypleasure. We preserve the most reputed payment schemes and even work with top-notch courier service providers. Hence, we assure complete transparency when it comes to payments, and also keep up to our commitment when shipping out orders.

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